Stories of Personal Empowerment

Within each of us is an endless supply of light, love, and empowerment, drawn from a Divine Source that will never deplete. It doesn’t matter if you were raised with love or separate from it; nor does it matter if you were raised in wealth or in poverty. It is a birthright made available to everyone if they so choose.



I was contacted by a gentleman who was fighting his way out of addiction and homelessness. He knew of me from my short stint at a struggling men’s shelter in Atlanta. In April 2017, acting on the wise inner voice we all have, he called on me as someone he trusted, to help him through a turbulent period he was facing.  As I walked alongside him during this period, I kept reminding him of one simple truth — that while he could not fully control external events he faced, he did have complete control of how he chose to respond to them. Together we examined each of his choices in this particular situation and I found that all my role required was simply to remind him. “You are the chooser, it’s your choice…” It took no time at all for him to follow suit and understand that there was much within his control of a situation he once thought he had no control over. He began to remind himself “I am the chooser.” He chose to trust that things will work out; he chose to see a positive result in his mind so that his thoughts then became positive ones — understanding that where the mind goes, the body follows. He chose to stay connected to God…Source…Life-force…or whichever Name given to the source of love that fuels the universe, and to not give power to anything else. This gentleman will tell you that it was very hard but he was determined to make the right choices.

There was so much goodness in this scenario, that it drew the attention of others, who made the choice to become involved in a supportive manner. Some purchased and gave him gift cards, some helped him with pocket money, and others provided prayer and encouragement.

Before we knew it, his situation was reversed.

A Positive Response

I shared his story with a few individuals who are close to me, and received such an overwhelming response to the concept of “I am the chooser” that I was now facing my own choice — Do something or do nothing. I chose to gather a community of individuals seeking — or already experiencing — personal empowerment, to spread a light that is worthy of spreading. To create stories of hope and to begin forming circles of support (learn more abut Huddles). Sometimes, we just need to know that we are not alone; and that others understand – without judgment – our fears. Sometimes we just want to be around a community who will earnestly celebrate our joys. This is a place to share stories. To huddle together and find answers, strength, and encouragement.

Everyone's Community

This community belongs to everyone.  If you have an idea, please share it. If you want to start a circle of support in your area, please do it. Tools for doing this will be provided in the very near future — you can contact me any time with any questions.

If our thoughts are clouds around us, let’s choose to combine ours to create one of light and love — and let that light guide others to do the same.

Peace and blessings.